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the windy roads

I'm just another adventure enthusiast and starry night sky admirer. I like windy days, riddles and cold coffee. Not only the world, I want to travel this universeッ

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7 . 12th . 14

hi guys. i’m going to do a blog revamp. with a new url, theme and so on. see ya later ;)

6 . 24th . 14

I’m Tagged!

Arigatou to Shania for nominating me in Liebster award! I feel honored hihi. It’s kinda late (I’m always late) but thanks so much! and thanks a lot to Kaye for tagging me in 11 questions and for always tagging me in this kind of posts chain. You’re the nicest girl ever!

Liebster Award


1. Where are you at this moment?
Home of course it’s 02:02 am

2. Which one do you prefer, buying One Direction’s ticket concert or paying your tuition fee?
paying my tuition fee

3. What are you wearing right now?
pink shirt and floral pajama pants

4. Name a few blogs that you like.
check out my favs :)

5. What was the last thing you did?
I just signed up to MUBI yey follow me

6. What is your favorite color?
Salmon/peach similar palette, light coral and any kind of blue

7. Who is your favorite youtuber?
i don’t have any :s

8. Tumblr or Facebook?
tumblr ftw

9. Why choose blogging?
because why not? ;)

10. What is your blog about?

11. What is your favorite movie?
i have a lot heheh. I’m gonna list them down soon in my listography or mubi

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6 . 7th . 14


hi guys. I lost my cellphone for the 2nd time! It was blackberry 8520 that I’ve been using for 2 years. Not only cellphone, but I also lost my purse for the second time in 2014!!! I’m so broke and stupid and clumsy. I lost my phone and my purse in the public transportation that I always rode on the way home.

I didn’t realize that a woman who sat beside me did something suspicious and then stole my cellphone and my purse! OH MY GOD. I knew that she acted suspiciously but I didn’t care, I didn’t think she would do something bad to me, unfortunately she did. I’m somehow still suspecting her as the one who stole my cellphone+purse because she was the only one who sat beside me inside that public transportation and I’m pretty sure it was her. 15 minutes before I lost my cellphone, I still replied a message from puspa and then I put my cellphone inside my bag and when I was about to take my money to pay for public transport, I realized that my cellphone and my purse weren’t there. I was freaking out and shocked and wanted to cry and wanted to scream and I just wanted to cry cry cry hoping that the cellphone and the purse were put in somewhere inside my bag, probably between the books or whatever. However, I still checked out every pocket of my bag and around me probably I dropped it, I found nothing.

It was a horrible Monday for me. June is started horribly. I was having a hard time to focus on my exams. I had to study physics and history for the next exams but my mind had only filled up with regrets and sadness and guilt. I couldn’t imagine my life without a cellphone and I was feeling so idiot for losing my purse for the second time in the same day and year! I haven’t able to earn money but I’m already lost it. I’m the girls’ coordinator of Sanlat, I have big responsibility in that event. I need to manage the committee and decided the meeting schedule and I really couldn’t live without cellphone during this time. Fortunately, yesterday I bought myself a new one, a not-so-good-but-cheap cellphone. At least, I can contact my friends. I’m hoping to get a new awesome cellphone but I’m broke this time. I’ve lost a lot of money because of my carelessness. I really hope something good will happen to me after this horrible losing. I really hope I’d win the giveaway that I’ve been joining in. Argh. Wish me luck :( The good news is exams are over and the results are pretty good.

5 . 30th . 14


May 30th already! Time drives me this crazy. I’m getting busier preparing sanlat and school and stuff.

I had only realized that I wasted my time everyday. I was having a sleep deprivation again that’s why I slept in a public transportation during my my to home.

I can tell that May was super fun and awesome and I surely don’t want to forget every single piece of it.

I started may with a good activity. Visiting our alumni and getting a religious knowledge from him. After that, me and fini went to Aci’s house which was pretty near from the alumni’s house. Me and Fini went to a mall to buy a movie that we’re going to watch and then we bought TED. I’ve watched it before, but I missed the beginning and the ending because I was half-studying and half-watching.

It was raining. We stayed at Aci’s for like 3 hours. When the rain had stopped, we went home. It was one of the quality times I had with Fini.

I had a lot of meetings this May. From Scooter (school competition of fourteen) and Sanlat and Rohis weekly meetings. Oh I almost forget to mention that we already held EDCOM 2014 on May 3th-4th. It went pretty well even though it has a lot of evaluations, I think. 

I came to scooter’s opening because EDCOM was held that day. I secretly bought a bubble drink with Aci because we didn’t want anyone to try our bubble. It was quite expensive you know and we’d like to drink all of it by ourselves. Selfish! hahaha.

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5 . 15th . 14

“Sometimes it really hurts to think about all the kind things you could have said or done, but didn’t”

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

     o l d e r p o s t